Approach and Methodology for POAS Programme Are

  • Operators/HODs/Plant Heads would fully leverage the common and support POAS established by the top management would also evolve/ lay down standards and policy guidelines, provide technical and handholding support, undertake capacity building, R&D etc.
  • The existing/ on going improvement initiatives would be suitably revamped to align them with the principles of POAS programme. Capacity utilization, Process Reengineering, use of integrated & interoperable systems and deployment of emerging monitoring methods like OEE, Down time analysis, Spares management …. etc
  • Manufacturing plants would be given flexibility to identify specific Improvement projects in line to management expectations.
  • POAS would be promoted through a centralised initiative to the extent necessary, to ensure centric data collection form entire plant.
  • Successful projects would be identified and their replication promoted proactively with the required data and customisation wherever required.
  • OEMs and subject matter experts would be preferred wherever feasible to implement Capacity or quality improvement projects with adequate management and strategic control

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