Maximize potential of your Products with Pharmazet network of key distributors is the last puzzle in the Market Access. We are proud to inform you that Pharmazet Group has an established cooperation across EU market with leading pharma distributors permitting us to provide complex distribution support and advice to healthcare product manufacturers to reach their wholesale, retail and hospital customers. We have the systems capabilities and operational expertise in warehousing in full compliance with GPD to meet all the demands of the Pharmaceutical industry but we do not stop there, we also have created our own distribution warehouse where we are able to provide you with complex service of EU distributor or set your own EU distribution licence.

Our Range of Distribution services :

  • Global logistics and supply chain strategy
  • Physical distribution
  • Channel optimization
  • Packaging
  • Supply chain systems
  • Own EU Distribution licence for your organization

Parallel Import

Parallel import is based on the principle of free movement of goods within the EU-EEA (The European Economic Area).

Parallel importation of pharmaceuticals is original medicine being imported from an lowerpriced EU-EEA country, and then sold in another EU-EEA country with a higher price level. The medicine is sold on the same conditions as the original manufacturer’s normal packaging. The medicine is being bought from approved wholesalers, and there is no difference between parallel imported medicine and the original medicine.

All imported pharmaceuticals have to be approved by the local medical authority – or the EMA (European Medicines Agency)

PharmAZet has comprehensive knowledge within this area and are able to provide support on:

  • Complex services of parallel importer within EU
  • Dossier compilation for PI application including RA support during registration process
  • PV and RA support for parallel importers to follow current EU legislation
  • Re-packaging sites
  • Distribution network for purchase and sale of your PI products

Market Access

Everybody’s talking about market access. But far fewer appear able to define it. In the competitive world of pharmaceutical sales, developing a market access call strategy can pay dividends. But do you know what that means?

There are four basic elements. Essentially, market access is about:

  • considering the implications your product may have on the wider healthcare market
  • understanding the impact the changing healthcare market will have on your product
  • preparing a positive healthcare environment which supports uptake of your product
  • communicating the ‘value’ of your product to the range of customers who influence uptake

PharmAZet has a great understanding of Market Access, we are able to assist from market data for all EU, to position your product to warehousing, logistic to contracts with distributors for new products within CEE

Ongoing business development is KEY for any growing business

At PharmAZet, our specialised Business Development team are driven to identify opportunities for negotiation or acquisition of in-license and/or development stage products, covering a vast range of medicinal markets such as OTC & prescription medicines, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics.

We offer our clients both a domestic and international service of technical and commercial expertise. As a result, our team have facilitated not only successful in/out licensing of products but also multiple successful EU product launches spanning the Pharmaceutical industry.

We will provide you with a complex strategy plan for market entry, including all EU countries, supplying you with the right form (private label) and arranging for tailor-made dossiers to be created or building on those that you have already started – focused on WEU and THMP (generics).

We will also deliver the complex market analysis utilising the latest IMS data. Helping to evaluate the molecular potential and offer advice on the preparation of dossiers, as well as arranging the comprehensive pre-registration due diligence and ventures activities.

Product Development

Specialising in supporting the product lifecycle from research to pharmacy shelf.

Pharmaceutical consulting services are used by many pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Often they are looking for an expert team experienced in scientific and management leadership. If your company requires a team who can confidently manage the entire drug development programme – from research to the pharmacy shelf – then PharmAZet can provide the services you need.

We have great experience with product search, portfolio development to dossier compilation, contract manufacturing, registration and marketing of your product as required.


Commercializing on pharma innovation can be a challenge, especially in today’s global markets where competition is fierce.

A pharmaceutical company’s pipeline is regarded as its life blood and the compounds it contains are thought of as its crown jewels

However, there are two reasons that have surfaced in recent years that are helping to drive the increasing number of out-licensing deals now embraced by the industry:

1) The challenging environment that exists for developing a successful new product;
2) More highly constricted R&D budgets.

PharmAZet has in depth knowledge around Out-Licensing and how valuable it can be in the current climate. Speak to one of our experienced staff to get a better understanding of how we can help.


In-licensing is becoming more and more commonplace. In part, that’s because of the influx of small biotechs on the market. These early stage companies are a key source of promising product candidates, which pharmaceutical companies then license certain rights to.

Licensing is cost-effective, since the financial burden of product development is shared. It’s also lower risk for the company buying in: they can make deals based on promising pre-clinical or clinical results

We provide support for:

  • Acquiring of RA dossiers
  • Complex license purchasing from MA to contract manufacturing
  • Dossier compilation tailored to your business plans
  • Product search
  • BD negotiations, legal advice